A gift

Today is my birthday.

I am 45 years old .

My gift to myself is to only focus on the positive for the whole day.

This is not always easy.  It is easy to focus on what I have not accomplished in life and look at those who are younger than I am who have accomplished so much more and feel guilty, and jealous, and resentful etc.

The fact is I am fine, and so are you.   Unfortunately, everywhere we  look we see messages to the contrary.  Messages that tell us what drug to buy to make us better.  What clothes to buy to make us sexier, what beer to drink to make us happier.

Here is the big secret that no one is telling  you.

You are fine just the way you are.

Accepting this as fact is the first step to moving forward in your own personal development.

Do you ever feel that you aren’t living up to your potential?  That you are capable of more.  That there is a better and more fulfilling life out there for you?

You are not alone. Everyone feels this way.

And it’s true, there is a better life out there.

The strange thing is, we will not start moving towards this potential life while we are focused on what is wrong with the life we are living now.  When we focus on our lack we only see and create more lack.

This is not a bunch of touchy-feely mumbo-jumbo.

Think of you favorite number.  If you are looking for it you will see it all day long.  I am a fan of the number 23 and I see it everywhere.  My wife likes the number 9 and guess what?  That is what she sees.

There is just way too much information out there.  We can not possibly take it all in, so our mind is a filter and it only allows in certain information.  When we are grateful for what we have, we shift the filter.  We change it from one that only sees need and lack, to one that sees a world of plenty.  Just like the favorite number example.

When we are grateful we see more things to be grateful for all around us.  And guess what?  This makes us feel pretty damn good.  And what happens when we feel great?  Well other people notice.  We become attractive to those around us.

The folks who are truly grateful for everything around them have an easier time in life.  They will see opportunities that others miss.  People are much more likely to do things for them.  They are more likely to do well in negotiations.  This is because they come from a place of extreme internal power and not one of neediness.

Gratefulness is a muscle that gets stronger with use.  I have literally seen this right before my eyes in the last few weeks.

Our family tries to sit down for a family dinner every night.  One of the rituals we have recently started is to all hold hands and to say something we are grateful for.  This was a little awkward for the kids at first.  Hell, it was a little awkward for me too.  For many nights we heard about how Michael was thankful for LEGOS and Sydney was thankful for her hamster.   When decided to all say something we were thankful for about each other, our about ourselves, there was a lot of awkward silence.

But we kept trying.

Over the last few weeks there have been some drastic changes.

First off, the time spent thinking about what we are grateful for has disappeared.  No longer are we holding hands just waiting for one of the kids to think of something they are thankful for while the other kid eats off the plate with no hands.

But much more important is the quality of the thanks.  We have not heard any, “Thanks for LEGOS.”  and “Thanks for my hamster” in a long time.

Suddenly my 7 year old boy is thankful for his sisters playfulness.  Dude!  Where did that come from?  And she is thankful for his helpfulness.  Holy crap!  Who are these kids?

Let’s take this moment to realize we are perfect and to be thankful for the opportunities we have in life.

This is the first step on the road to our perfect life.

I am grateful to you, for reading this post.

You will be grateful if you watch this video…

Serious Resiliency







No Arms, No Legs, No Worries

Have a great day!

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