The Golden Egg

Most of you know the Aesop’s story of the Golden goose… But if not here is a refresher:

One day a countryman going to the nest of his goose found there an egg all yellow and glittering.  When he picked it up it was very heavy and he was going to throw it away, because he thought a trick had been played on him.

But he decided to take it home and soon discovered that it was an egg of pure gold.

Every morning the same thing occurred, and he grew rich by selling his eggs.  As he grew rich he grew greedy; and thinking to get all the gold the goose could give, he killed it and opened it only to find nothing.

We, unlike geese, have free will.  As French actor Gérard Depardieu said “I am a free being”

Gérard, who in his life has paid over $190,000,000 in taxes to the French government, including 85% of his income this year, finally decided to leave.  He gave up his French citizenship and moved to Belgium. How many middle class citizens does it take to provide $190 million to the government?  A hell of a  lot.

Gérard is one golden goose who has fled the coop. What would you do if you had to pay 85% of your income to the government?

So what do the French think about this? Well they have resorted to calling him names. They call him “pathetic”  and “unpatriotic”.  Don’t we teach our kids not to call people names? Well grownups do it all the time. We call each other Fascists,  Socialists,  bleeding heart liberals,  right-wing extremists, etc.

The name calling will do very little good. The fact is we are still free to vote with our feet, and when we find ourselves in a situation like Gérard it only makes sense to do so. And no matter what you think about it, it will continue to happen as the experiment in fiat currency unravels.

As the masses who pay little tax vote to take more from those who already pay the most, those who pay the most will leave. Other cities, other states, other countries will compete for the Gérards of the world by offering a better deal. Those remaining will be stuck with broken promises and huge debts. Oops!

There is a big difference between Warren Buffet wanting to pay more than his 17% and Gérard wanting to pay less than 85%!  There is a point where any human being will say “Enough is Enough!”  What is that point for you?

If you ever get there it is a good idea to have options.  It is good to know what your breaking point is, and to have a plan for what you will do about it.

We have a very optimistic view of the future. We believe technology has improved to a level where humans can live much more rewarding and less stressful lives. We believe we are transitioning to an era with stronger communities, more fun and less drudgery. But it will be a rocky transition. Some people will get hurt financially. Others will prosper. The difference will be preparation. Resilience. Thinking ahead and being open to new ideas.

There are many “preppers” out there who are preparing for an apocalypse. An acquaintance of ours was recently at a prepper convention and found all the folks he met there were going “all in” to prepare for their version of system collapse. The problem is that they do not agree on what will happen. Their mindset is WAY too rigid. Some are preparing for solar flares, some for nuclear war,  some for citizen riots to protest GMO foods.

What we advocate is keeping your eyes open and being ready for whatever the future holds.  This includes being prepared for and open to all the good possibilities not just the bad.  If you have blinders on you will not be able to thrive and take advantage of excellent opportunities that WILL knock on your door.



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4 Responses to "The Golden Egg"

  1. baca says:

    So, would that mean that $190M / 0.85 – $223M in gross earnings? Oh, he only has $33M left. Life is haaaaaard.

    Don’t get me wrong, that’s an exorbitant top tax rate, and hopefully the U.S. won’t get back there (like it was in the 1950s, traditionally believed to be a rather prosperous time in our nation’s history), but after a lifetime of french citizenship and the (admittedly) broad social insurances that go with it, he makes a fortune elsewhere and revolts?

    I’m unimpressed.

  2. “PARIS (AP) – Belgium’s foreign minister says his country will welcome anyone from France who wants to follow actor Gerard Depardieu in escaping higher taxes.

    Didier Reynders says Tuesday it’s France’s own fault if its citizens are leaving the country, and it shouldn’t try to push the blame off on Belgium.

    Reynders says in an interview in the French newspaper Le Figaro that France has no one else to blame. The country, he says, should “accept the consequences.”

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