Glory Days!

A slice of life… I was cleaning out some old computer files and I ran across this small note I made one night when I was living in Panama.  ( I just added the pictures now)

I love the resilient mountain town I’m living in now, but this sure makes me miss the years I was living in Panama with my family!  What a great experience it was.  If you have thought of moving to Panama, either permanently or temporarily this might be interesting to you….

SO I just put dinner on (pasta) and I wanted to make a quick note before it’s ready.

Today began with a great 20 mile bike ride to a beautiful lake up in the mountains.  Great views out to the coast from the rolling hills and then a fantastic downhill back to the flat lands.

The lake I rode my bike to

Then out to Brunch at El Paraiso (the paradise)  $5 includes whatever you want.

El Paraiso for breakfast

For me today that was a ham, cheese and tomato omelette with two pieces of French toast, two slices of bacon, fresh grilled Corvina (like sea bass) fresh squeezed juice, two bottles of bottled water (to hydrate after my bike ride) and a beer.  Topped off with a free salsa dancing lesson.  And by the way I suck at salsa.

Later friends came over and we played guitars in our thatch roofed bohio,

Our Bohio, where much guitar picking happens!

then off to the beach for a sunset swim on our private black and white sand beach.

Our Private Beach

On the way home, walking up from the beach on an empty trail, my wife and I stopped and listened to the sounds of our kids footsteps in the dirt and sand and saw their silhouettes against the rose-colored sunset, and we held hands and said to eachother…”is this really our life?”

Kids on Path

WOW that sure brings back memories.  If you have ever considered moving to Panama with your kids I certainly recommend it.  And (shameless plug coming) there is no better resource than our “Ultimate, No Bullshit Panama Living Report

Have a great day.


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