The key to resilience… Live hard

Great list courtesy of Jim Quinn at The Burning Platform. The key to resilience, and ironically, the key to true happiness… Live hard.

  • Math is hard
  • Ignorance is easy
  • Getting a good education is hard
  • Not studying is easy
  • Saving money is hard
  • Spending money is easy
  • Delayed gratification is hard
  • Buying what you want today using a credit card is easy
  • Saving money and buying cars, clothes and electronics with cash is hard
  • Leasing cars and carrying credit card balances is easy
  • Honoring your contracts and commitments is hard
  • Defaulting on your obligations is easy
  • Accepting responsibility for your life and actions is hard
  • Irresponsibility and blaming others is easy
  • Getting married and raising a family is hard
  • Getting a girl pregnant and walking away is easy
  • Reality is hard
  • Delusions are easy
  • Planning for the future is hard
  • Hoping things turn out for the best is easy
  • Critical thinking is hard
  • Believing a lie is easy
  • Sacrificing for future generations is hard
  • Selfishness is easy
  • Freedom and liberty are hard
  • Dependence and an entitlement mentality are easy
  • Keeping our noses out of other countries’ business is hard
  • Telling other countries what to do at gunpoint is easy
  • Negotiating with countries on an equal basis is hard
  • Invading a country pre-emptively is easy
  • Living within our means is hard
  • Deficit spending is easy
  • Managing our own currency in a prudent manner is hard
  • Letting private bankers control our currency for their benefit is easy
  • Defending yourself against crime with a gun is hard
  • Hoping the police will keep you safe from criminals is easy
  • Living your life with as little state control or impact on your life is hard
  • Depending on the state for protection and your welfare is easy
  • Resisting a corrupt criminal government is hard
  • Passively bowing down to the state is easy
  • Taking care of each other is hard
  • Letting the government take care of others is easy
  • Staying healthy is hard
  • Getting fat and sickly is easy
  • Hard work is hard
  • Being lazy is easy
  • Finding a job is hard
  • Collecting unemployment is easy
  • Being honest, truthful and forthright is hard
  • Lying is easy
  • Earning trust and respect is hard
  • Expecting respect automatically is easy
  • Going to work every day for forty years is hard
  • Pretending to be disabled and collecting SSDI for life is easy
  • Holding politicians accountable is hard
  • Voting for the politician that promises you the most is easy
  • Keeping a Rebublic is hard
  • Allowing oligarchs to gain control over our Republic was easy
  • Life is hard
  • Tough shit – anything worthwhile in life is not easy
  • This Fourth Turning will be hard
  • There is no guarantee that we make it to the next First Turning where life would be easier

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3 Responses to "The key to resilience… Live hard"

  1. sh says:

    Like they say, adversity builds character:)

  2. love it love it love it

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