Emergency 45 day candle from Crisco

It doesn’t get much easier than this… One big can of Crisco and a piece of string. Insert string into Crisco as the wick (the larger the diameter of the can, the more wicks you can insert). Leave a quarter of an inch of the wick showing above the Crisco.

Light the wick, enjoy the candle. Crisco candle will burn 8 hours a day for 45 days — more than long enough for the Zombie Apocalypse to pass.

Interestingly, Crisco was originally invented by a candle maker in the first place.

His name was Procter, and he joined forces with his brother in law Gamble because of the meat packing monopoly’s high prices for the lard and tallow needed to make candles and soap.

P&G gained control of the cottonseed business and in 1907, developed the science of hydrogenation (adding hydrogen atoms to the fatty acid chains of cottonseed oil to transform the oil into a solid that resembled lard.

That’s right… Early Crisco was made out of cottonseed oil and then marketed to housewives as healthier than cooking with fats and more economical than butter.

And now it’s a candle again.


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10 Responses to "Emergency 45 day candle from Crisco"

  1. Daniel Owsiany says:

    Much better as a candle than something put in your body.

  2. kito says:

    is there any toxicity to it? i generally prefer to stick with bees wax or soy.

  3. Skatkat says:

    I think in the event of an emergency, the candles “toxins” would be the last on people’s minds. As if you guys have never eaten a homemade chocolate chip cookie…..

  4. tina says:

    how to you get the wick in it???

    • Carole says:

      You can tie a little knot at the end and then use the knot to push it down to the bottom of the can with a skewer. Or get the kind of wick that has a metal disc at the end and then stick the wick into a straw and use that to push the disc to the bottom of the can.

  5. momto9 says:

    I wouldn’t worry about toxins. Most of us use regular paraffin candles; this isn’t any more toxic and may be less so. My only concern is that the can itself is coated paper, but you should supervise a candle anyhow.

  6. BrisketTooth says:

    You’re going to lose a lot of light as the candle burns deeper into the can. Probably best to empty this out into an clear jar or maybe trim the can as you burn?

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