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It is commonly believed that we are running out of resources.

We have all heard about how many Earths it would take for the entire world to live as Americans do.  I think the number is about 5.  We hear about food shortages and argue over Genetically modified foods.  Are they necessary to feed the planet?

Peak oil theory shows us that the days of cheap oil may be numbered.  As the population grows and resources diminish we may be headed towards a nasty, tumultuous period.

We are over fishing the oceans, depleting the soil, melting the glaciers, poisoning ourselves with chemicals, frying ourselves with radiation.

But I’d like to propose a different view.

160 years ago Napoleon III held a banquet.  The most honored guests were allowed to use very special utensils.  Utensils so rare, they were reserved for the elite among the elite.  The rest of the guests were forced to make due with gold utensils.   These special utensils were made of  Aluminum, the third most abundant element in the Earth’s crust.  Why was this metal, that is so abundant deemed so special?  Because it was extremely hard to produce and this made it seem unbelievably rare.

As recently as the 1950s chicken was more expensive than steak and it was only served for special occasions. Well that’s interesting, eating chicken with an aluminum fork does not seem so marvelous now.  What happened?

The rare became commonplace.  This has happened repeatedly throughout history.  So what is to make us think it will stop happening?

We talk about an energy crisis and yet the earth annually receives 174 petawatts of power from the sun.  Ok what in the hell does that mean?  It means that the earth receives enough energy every single minute to meet our power needs for a year!

There is plenty of energy, just not an easy way to assess it.

Another source of energy is the atom.  Yes nuclear power has a shoddy record.  But the fact is there is enough energy in your body to power the entire United States for 16 years!

Again, plenty of power, just access issues.

This is the same with water.  Fresh clean water is a huge problem,  but come on,  this planet is made of water.  We are made of water.  Water water every where and not a drop to drink….for now.  But there is plenty of water.  Yet again it is  only an access problem.

Speaking of water, how much power is there in the rising and lowering of the tides?  I don’t  know but I’d say a lot of damn power.   So we are surrounded with energy and water and yet we worry about scarcity.

But if history is any example, the rare will become abundant.

Sure things are crazy and changing.  Power is being decentralized and large institutions will topple.  But as long as we are prepared and have our eyes wide open, what an exciting time to be alive.

In the study of quantum physics we learn that subatomic particles are influenced by our perceptions of them.  A particles spin is undetermined until we observe it.  Only when we observe it does it settle on one direction or the other.  So we literally change reality just by our observation.  When we observe the spin of one particle we can also effect the spin of an entangled particle miles away, instantaneously.  That means some type of info is being passed between the two faster than the speed of light!  But Einstein said that was impossible!  Hmm.

My point is that things are not always what they seem and we can influence the world with our thoughts and our observation.  So we might as well have a positive outlook right?  Not just because it is more fun, but because it may actually create the future we will get.

So whatever you think you are lacking, whether it is energy or water, or love or money, don’y worry.


Have a great day.


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