Are you a “do nothing”?

All that is necessary for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing

America and much of the Western world is drowning in laws, lawsuits, and endless red tape.

Everyone knows it, but almost no one is doing anything about it.   As laws get more and more plentiful they strangle our freedom of choice.   They strangle our ability to be human.  It is a never ending process.    Some tragic event will happen and good intentioned people will try to “fix it” by passing new laws.  By creating more bureaucratic procedures.

The human mind is an awesome tool but it needs freedom to function properly.

If your job was to come up with a set of procedures to keep airports safe you might conclude that a passenger, who sets off the metal detector and is waiting for a pat down, is approached and makes contact with another passenger who has already passed through screening, they might be passing an explosive device or a weapon between them.  The person who had already cleared the screening could get a hand-off from the person waiting to be searched.   This could be a serious problem.  If the passenger getting the potential hand-off is uncooperative when approached then you have a potentially serious situation.    So you might put something in the procedure manual to deal with this situation.   Crack down.  Lock down the airport if you have to.

But what if the passenger getting the hand-off is a 4-year-old girl hugging her grandmother?

Then I guess you warn the crying “uncooperative suspect”  and yell at the grandmother.   “We are going to shut down the airport if you don’t grab her”  That’ll solve everything.  I feel so much safer now.

But these guys are just following procedures.  If they don’t they could get fired.  And then they have no job and no way to feed the kids back home. What to do?

When we hear about TSA agents harassing passengers it is easier to just think about ourselves. To think that we will just follow the rules so we can make it to our flight on time.  We will show up early, take our shoes off and let them pat us down.

When we see countless other examples of inefficiency and bureaucratic bullshit we just adapt.  Humans are good at that.  And a frog in a pot of water can adapt to the increasing temperature too.  That is until he is dead!

It is easy to turn the other way.  It is hard to do something.  How do we as individuals stand up against TSA agents when we just want to get on with our lives. Who wants to deal with that shit?

How do you “fix” the IRS, which has the power to seize your property, freeze your accounts, and soon maybe even seize your passport?  A system that is so vast that no one can really understand it.

How do we keep from being the ones who do nothing while evil is triumphing.

Here’s an answer:

Turn your back.  Leave.  The system cannot exist without your willing participation.

You can do something without having to put yourself at risk.  In fact you can actually mitigate your risks and have fun, save money, diversify your assets, prepare for the future and not be the “good man doing nothing”

By leaving you cast a vote that says I’m not going to take it.   You don’t have to leave permanently either.  Once you have a place, in Panama for example, paid for and growing fruit.  Once you have a foreign bank account, you have access to a world of opportunities.  Once you have some savings in precious metals, you can live in the US with a greater sense of freedom.

You  leave by physically leaving the country and you can also “leave” by becoming more resilient.  You can turn your back on impersonal, corrupt systems by becoming more self-reliant. By no longer needing them. If you were to live completely self-sufficiently you would not need to earn any money.  And guess what…You wouldn’t owe any taxes either.

How else can you turn you back on the system? What are your thoughts?

If you want some fuel for your mental fire try reading The Death of Common Sense, by Philip Howard.  It is guaranteed to piss you off, and very possibly inspire you to make some changes.

Have a great day!

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6 Responses to "Are you a “do nothing”?"

  1. Ronpoitras says:

    What a crock!
    Do you really think that given a chance businesses wont maximize their profits, and pass down all the externalities from whatever they’re doing, to the rest of us? Clean air, clean water, buildings that are not built properly constructed cause problems ( and costs) for the rest of us. It seems to have become fashionable to lambast the government  these days, and yes its true some regulators go overboard, but do you really think that in these times of cutthroat capitalism the commons will be protected/safeguarded? I don’t think so.

    • Anonymous says:

      Sure they will Ron, but the market can discipline cutthroat capitalism far more efficiently than government ever will. That government you have so much faith in? They ENABLED the Wall Street criminals repeatedly through bailouts… Long Term Capital Management; the Mexican Peso Crisis; the ’97 Asian flu financial crisis; and the biggie TARP.

      “Cutthroat capitalism” would have said “tough shit” to Wall Street… You made your bed, now sleep in it. If that would have been done during LTCM or any of the previous crises, it’s doubtful that the mortgage meltdown of ’07 or ’08 would have ever happened. Yes, you would probably still have low grade financial risks, but nothing like the systemic risk to the entire financial system that we’re still dealing with today. It’s called moral hazard for a reason.

      Government doesn’t protect us from scumbag businesses, they are in bed with them. It’s called crony capitalism (or fascism). Regulators are OWNED by big business, and they aren’t there to protect consumers, but to protect big business from pesky, upstart competitors.

      Industrial farming is a great example… USDA regs penalize organic farmers by requiring them to comply with every reg the big industrial farms have to comply with. But Big Ag has the size and scale to comply with such regs (hell, they lobbied for them!). The mom and pop local farmer that grows a superior product without chemicals or industrial fertilizers, does not… One more competitor out of business.

      Regulation is first and foremost about eliminating competition — the cleaner fuel that competes with big oil, the innovative new vehicle that gets 100 miles to the gallon, the more healthy foods that are being grown locally, etc. etc.

      Your mistake is believing that we have even have a free market.. We don’t. We have big government and big business in bed together. The former is captured by the latter, and government will do everything in their power to make sure that THEY are protected. And it’s irrespective of political party.

      • Ronpoitras says:

         Yes, there is no denying that government has been co-opted by big business, to the detriment of the 99%. But is the answer a weaker government presence in the marketplace?  John Kenneth Galbraith (The Affluent Society) recognized what was happening 50 years ago  when he recognized the need for a strong government presence as a countervailing force against big business.
        At the local level we have outside developers coming into our community with lawyers and expertise and bamdoosling our local citizen planning board, developing subdivisions with inadequate sewer & road systems. Our taxes are low but the quality of our environment suffers incrementally with each new development. We need more & better, not weaker & less government .
        Being resilient & self reliant sounds like self sufficiency from the 60’s & 70’s.
        Didn’t work then, doesn’t work now. We’re all part of a bigger picture. By the way, I grow 70 – 80% of our food, harvest most of our energy supply and live in a small passive solar house.

        • Bob says:

          “Didn’t work then, doesn’t work now. We’re all part of a bigger picture. By the way, I grow 70 – 80% of our food, harvest most of our energy supply and live in a small passive solar house”

          Looks like it’s worked for you…

        • I agree with you that we need “better” government, but I certainly do not think we need “more”.  Simon Black pointed out recently that we have over 16 spy agencies.  Do we need more?  We have over 700 military bases worldwide.  Do we need more?  

          Also, as you already pointed out “government has been co-opted by big business”  So more government, at least as it stands now means more big business.   How do we get the “right” kind of government.  Government that is actually looking out for the welfare of the 99%? Government that stands up for individuals.  The solution I propose is to withdraw from that system where possible and  let the corrupt systems implode.  Then we can try again.  From an historical perspective it is nothing new.

    • In addition to Coley’s response,  if you are resilient and self reliant you know where your “stuff” comes from.  By turning your back on the “cutthroat capitalism” you become your own regulator.  It is personal responsibility.    I make sure I am on site so my buildings are constructed properly.  I do not expect government regulators to make sure my construction projects are built right.  That is my responsibility.   My water comes from a well which I am responsible for.  My waste goes into a septic system, that I am responsible for.  I get a much of my food from local farms where I can look to see what I am getting.  I do not trust the FDA to make sure my food is safe.
      I am not trying to say that there is no need for regulation.  There is.  But I AM saying that there needs to be a place for personal responsibility.  Not only on my part but on the regulators parts.  They need to have the freedom to “not harass” the 4 year-old hugging her grandmother. 

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