How can one inch change your life?

It’s been a while since I wrote a good “head stuff” piece.  So today we need to talk about your head, and what is going on in it. (And I will freely admit that this applies to my head too)

Globally we are in a time of great change.  In the next few years we are going to see massive change in the way we live our lives.  There is a plethora of reasons this is so.  Read through our blog, or look back at history or whatever.  I will assume you know this is  true.

It’s not too tough to figure out what you should do to prepare.  The steps will be different for different people depending on their circumstances but I am willing to bet that there are things that you KNOW you should be doing, that you CAN be doing but for some reason you are NOT doing them.

Am I right?

Of course I am.

So the real question is why.  Why do we not do the things we know we should be doing?I propose that the biggest reason is our mental state.   When our mental state is powerful and confident we get things done easily.  We feel great about ourselves.  We influence those around us to feel better.   It’s awesome.  But we are not always in a peak state.  Often times we feel battered by circumstances in life.   If we could always be in a great mental state we would get so much more out of life.

You know how you act the day before you go on a vacation that you are really excited about.  You get a ton done and you are in a great mood.So how do we control our mental state, instead of being controlled by it?We start by realizing  it only takes a tiny change in behavior to make a massive change in outcome.  If you are a golfer you will understand this.  Change the angle of the club by one inch and you went from a perfect shot to a ball lost in the woods.  Just one inch.This same thing happens for us.  When we make progress in some area of our lives we are inspired to make more.

Here is a little experiment.

Think about something you are really proud of, or of a time you were really confident and everything was going your way.    Take a second to really feel it.  Get pumped up!  Capture the feeling and hold on to it.  Now stand up and embody that confident feeling.

Now that your standing up (are you standing up?) let the feeling escape like a flat tire.  Think of something your embarrassed about.  Think about a time you failed bigtime.

Notice your physiology.  Did your chest sag?  How far?  Probably less than an inch.  The difference between standing and portraying confidence  and portraying a lack of confidence is only about one inch!  Can you change the way you stand?  Yes you can.

The way we carry ourselves effects the way we feel about ourselves.  And a  difference in physiology that is  minuscule will create a huge difference in outcome.   When I am doing a tough run on some trail and I start feeling like stopping I force myself to smile.  I don’t want to sometimes.   It seems as if there is nothing to smile about but when I do it I instantly feel the difference in my body.  My legs feel fresher, and more importantly my mental state is raised.  I keep going.

Smile right now, for no reason.  Do you feel silly?  Can you feel the difference in your body though?

By making tiny changes in the way we carry ourselves we will effect our mental state. This change in mental state will help us make progress and even a tiny bit of progress is great.  Because a tiny bit of progress creates momentum in a new direction.  And like the golf ball,  a tiny change in direction can make the difference between a great life and an average one.

Get in the habit of changing your mental state.  Do it every day. Do it in the car.  Do it when checking the mail.  Make it a habit to smile and stand with confidence.

This can be the best time of our lives.  The best time financially.  The best time spiritually.  The best time emotionally.  But it WILL not happen if you do not take control of  your mental state.

So sit up straight, smile and have a great day!!

P.S.   If you are not one of the 10 million people who has seen this very short inspiring video then enjoy…..

I can do anything good

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  1. Jimbob says:

    Great article, a lot of concepts rolled into one concise, pointed, piece of advice.

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