5 Simple Steps to the Life of Your Dreams

Here is a simple fact:  You can achieve what you want in your life if you follow these 5 steps.   But you will not get there if all you do is read this article.   It is that simple.    You can do it, but will you?  I urge you to take a few minutes RIGHT NOW to do this small exercise.  So get a pencil and some paper.

Are you ready?

1.  Set a goal and WRITE IT DOWN.  This can be a lifetime goal like financial freedom or a simpler one, like learning to juggle flaming torches on a unicycle.  The writing of the goal is so important that it can not be overstated.  I’ve had a million goals in life that I did not write down and very rarely did I achieve them.   Why is this?  Because by writing a goal down you incorporate different parts of the brain than you do when you only think about it.  You also use different senses.  You see it.  You read it.  You feel it.  You might even hear the sound of the pencil and the paper.  All these things make your goal concrete and real.  Another reason is it forces you to better define your goal.  It is easy to think, “I want to be more successful”  But when it comes to writing your goal down you are forced to be more specific.  What is successful?   Financial freedom?  What is financial freedom?  $10,000 per month passive income?  What is passive income?  How much debt.  What if you achieve $10,000 per month but you do it by taking out lots of debt and you are totally unable to pay your bills.  That’s no good!  That’s not what you are after is it?  So be specific.  Take a few minutes to actually think about it.  Then write it down.  Write down a date to carry out the goal by.

2.  Define the steps needed to get there.   Now you know what you want.  Think about how to get there and do it in ever decreasing time increments.  If your goal is set for one year then think about what you need to have accomplished in 6 months.  What do you need to accomplish by next month?  What do you need to accomplish next week.   What do you need to do tomorrow?   Again make sure you write this down.

3.  Make tomorrow’s “To Do list” today.  This is one that I have read about so many times from so many sources that I feel it is one that really separates the winners from the losers.  At the end of your work day make tomorrows to do list.   That’s it.  Think about your goals as you do it and preferably put it in order.

4.  Do the list.  When you get up in the morning you do not need to think about what you are going to do.  In fact it is better if you don’t. Act like a high school McDonald’s employee and just look at the list and do what it says.  Don’t think about it.  Don’t get distracted.  Just do it.  Check your emails later.  It is stressful to constantly be thinking about what you should be doing and trying to realign your priorities.  Trust yourself.  Trust the list you made yesterday.  If there is a problem then fix it when you make tomorrows list, not now.

5.  Have a positive attitude.  Ok we’ve heard this one a million times.  But that’s  because it’s true.  Your life is what is happening now.  Enjoy it.  Make your lists and then follow the steps and feel good that you are working towards your goals.  Have some fun.

If you use these techniques or have in the past  please share your comments with us.  Everyone benefits if we share our successes and our failures with each other.


Have a great day!

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3 Responses to "5 Simple Steps to the Life of Your Dreams"

  1. I totally agree about making tomorrow’s list today. It helps me sleep too, knowing I’m not going to forget anything overnight since it’s on paper.

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