Friday news roundup

Tent City in New Jersey: Homeless tent city in New Jersey as covered by Business Insider.  Depressing as hell, but the resiliency, self reliance and innovation of people even under very difficult circumstances is amazing and inspirational.  Be sure to check out the photos below the article. (h/t John Robb)

How to live in tight money times…Share: We’ve been really impressed with Robert Paterson’s Weblog.  Whether its toy libraries at day care facilities, heating oil or lending libraries for businesses, Paterson points out that the Queen Street Commons folks are exploring novel new ways to get by in tough times.

Farmigo: Find locations near you to receive locally grown and fresh foods or start your own location.  Very cool website for the exploding community supported agriculture movement.  I’m thinking about nominating our Organic Market here in Panama.

Repeatedly arrested for a law that doesn’t exist:  It’s crap like this by petty government tyrants that cause law abiding decent citizens to turn their back on government authority.  We don’t blame them.  Watch as the Electric Cab Co. of Austin (a free service that carts folks around downtown Austin in exchange for voluntary – not mandatory – voluntary tips) are harassed by the police, ticketed over 200 times, arrested and thrown in jail for not having an “operators license” which they don’t need.

Is China moving to dump U.S. debt?: Brandon Smith at thinks so.  Long but thoughtful piece from a guy who just moved to Montana to prepare for the coming “reset.”

Seeing Stars: Kunstler (always poignant, crotchety and very funny) on 9/11 hoopla.  We love one of the commenters remarks… “Never forget means Never heal.”  Victims should be encouraged and allowed to mourn and grieve in any way they choose.  The rest of us need to get on with it.  Note; If the blog’s title offends you, avert your eyes (Hah, we got you to click didn’t we!)

Let’s Forget 9/11: And speaking of 9/11 hoopla… Tom Englehardt has the most thoughtful piece we’ve read yet on the ceremonies earlier this week. He asks the uncomfortable question: “Haven’t we had enough of ourselves? If we have any respect for history or humanity or decency left, isn’t it time to rip the Band-Aid off the wound, to remove 9/11 from our collective consciousness? No more invocations of those attacks to explain otherwise inexplicable wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and our oh-so-global war on terror. No more invocations of 9/11 to keep the Pentagon and the national security state flooded with money. No more invocations of 9/11 to justify every encroachment on liberty, every new step in the surveillance of Americans, every advance in pat-downs and wand-downs and strip downs that keeps fear high and the homeland security state afloat.”

Permaculture food forest in Australia: An organic smorgasbord in Australia created by Annemarie and Graham Brookman. The food forest concept is one of the most interesting sustainable agriculture techniques today, and something we’re looking very closely at to replicate here in Panama. The basics are that in a food forest everything feeds into and off of each other.

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