What is the Cost?

I grew up in the 70s and 80s.


Have you ever had a conversation with someone about how life was different when we were kids.  Remember the freedom of laying in the back of the car during a road trip and staring up at the phone lines whizzing past?  Remember running through the neighborhood playing with other kids until dinner time.  I used to ride my bike three miles to the store with a friend, crossing over the 5 lane numerous times along the way, with no helmet of course.  I used to build tree forts in the woods and then sleep in them at night.  There were no child proof caps on the medicine.

Where did that freedom go?

Have things gotten worse, so we need to protect ourselves from this new and dangerous world?  Or, did the changes happen for another reason?  Now on a road trip the kids are strapped into what we would have called straight jackets back then.  And to deal with the inhumanity of strapping a kid who can’t sit still into a car seat for hours we need to pacify them with Game boys and DVD players!  The cost of 2 car seats, 2 nintendo DS game systems, a bunch of games a portable DVD player with some head sets costs more than my car did back in the 80s.  (my first car was a 1977 Toyota Corona station wagon I bought for $700) What is this “new”world that has been sold to us?

The basics of selling tell us we should appeal to three things; sex, greed, fear.  But what can be sold?  This is the bigger question, because it is not just kids toys and bike helmets, but it can be war sold with fear.  We must fight against “them” because “they” hate you and they would kill you if they had the chance!  They hate your “freedom”  It can be a consumerist lifestyle sold with greed.  Put your money in the stock market so you can be rich like so and so.  All the while what we are paying with is not dollars but instead we are paying with our freedom.  When you travel you see this much better.  It is like how we hardly notice our kids getting bigger.  But when we see someone else’s kid , after a few years we, notice how different it is. This world is very different than the one that I grew up in.

Our government and big business has robbed our freedom.  They have turned us against eachother.  The left vs the right.  Bleeding heart liberals vs corporate pig republicans!  This is right where they want us.  BUT there is a choice!  You can turn your back on that system.  They do not care who you hate, what shows you watch what belief system you have, as long as you play by their rules.  You can turn your back on that system.  Step one turn off the TV.  They are proffesional manipulators.  Do not think you are not being manipulated because you are.  We all are.   Turn off the TV.  Grow a garden.  Open a foreign bank account.  Simplify your life.  Reduce your expenditures.  Spend time with your kids and friends. Educate yourself!

The system will colapse eventually, it always does.  That is not to say there will be any kind of apocolypse or Armageden, only that there will be massive change.  People do not take to change well.  Especially when we are forced into it.  But when we choose change that makes us feel good.  Empowered.

What is the cost of not changing?  The cost is laying on your deathbed with regret. What is the cost of the last 40 years of “progress”?  The cost is a society that is broke, fat, depressed, medicated and repeatedly being milked like a cow. What is the cost to change?  Nothing…It is free!  In fact you get paid to do it.
No more cable TV  $100/month savings.
Rent out a room in your house or build a apartment in part of your house.  $500/month.
Sell the expensive cars with payments and only drive what you can afford.  $800/month.
Don’t eat out so much, stay home and cook with the family.  $300/month plus lose 20-40 lbs and get to know your family better, feel healthier, and have less regrets in life.

I’ve done all these things.

If you suddenly had an extra $20,000 a year what could you do?  Take a trip?  Work less.  Enjoy your life more.  Be less stressed?  Think about it…

What is the cost to do nothing?

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4 Responses to "What is the Cost?"

  1. 70s Child Too says:

    Thanks, great post. I often wonder why life has gotten so complicated and regulated and why we seem to think we need sooooo many things ….. but it makes total sense, someone just wanted my money…… 🙁

  2. ookla says:

    Willie Cocke et al. would be upset by the misused conjugation of the verb lie, but the substance of the post is spot on! Keep up the great ideas, amigos.

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